I want to help preserve the best things that remain on the planet.  Humans have created fantastic arts, cultures, and systems, but as a whole, we are now endangering the biosphere that created and sustained us, and all this cool stuff!

Wayward Amongst the Vicarious Selves

It seems like the indoctrinated way to see the world, and to live in the world does not lead to happiness, nor a sustainable world, at all!

The book that I have posted, Wayward, was a manifestation of this energy, built up over time, pushing its way out, in any manner possible.

I hope to write many more and publish all of them, to help illuminate the growing mismatch between rights and responsibilities, and encourage people to experience life first hand, outside of the virtual shell that is enclosing minds, bodies, and souls of the citizens of the planet.

I believe that if you really get out there, try stuff, take risks, sure you’ll make a few mistakes, and you might be afraid, stressed out and discouraged, but you’ll learn, adapt and likely overcome the fear, and really experience life, not just your own, but all life.  And if this happens to you, I feel very confident that you will become my ally in sustaining all the great shit the planet has to offer.

Wayward is about a guy, who can feel that there is something drastically wrong, letting go of the comfort of doing what he is told, and all of the perks that go along with it, and pursuing the question by trying to live it.

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