Wayward is a 227,313 word man-against the machine literary novel, set on the street, crossing millennia, and social strata, as the fundamental social changes wrought by the advent of internet age challenge freedom.  The narration begins joining Dean mid-flight, on-board, driving through Mexico, escaping something that he doesn’t understand.  Wayward tracks the path that Dean follows to identify that which imprisons him, and how, ultimately, he may be free.

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Dean doesn’t really know what he is doing, as he and his driving companion, John, race further south through Mexico.  As they encounter and overcome hurdles to their flight, the safe ‘first-world’ setting, and Dean’s successful white-collar place in it, is revealed, as are the questions challenging the ‘rightness’ of it.  Alone in Costa Rica, Dean starts writing a primitive blog about the challenges he continues to encounter, and his search for reason amongst the monumental social upheavals coinciding with the onset of the digital age internet society.

Things don’t go as planned, as they often don’t, and Dean plunges to the brink of a depressive abyss, even more skeptical than before, slowly realizing that he has brought the prison with him.

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